Skinker DeBaliviere Homecoming

Buy your Tickets Today from a Committee Member or at the SDCC Office!

Saturday, October 8, 7:00-11:00pm
Crossroads College Preparatory School
500 DeBaliviere Avenue

What is Homecoming?? 

The 3rd Annual SDCC Homecoming is the largest SDCC “fun”raiser of the year that helps to support the many programs and events in Skinker DeBaliviere.  It is a great reason for neighbors to join to celebrate our wonderful neighborhood and all of the wonderful people who live here.  It is also a chance for old neighbors to return and visit with old friends. And for fans of the neighborhood, it is a chance to join in and support the neighborhood.

Who Sponsors This Event??

Homecoming is sponsored by a variety of individuals, organizations, and companies who donate to the event. Thank you very much to those who have already committed to being sponsors– Albert and Joan Bender, Beth Bender and Shauna Cunningham, Big Shark Bicycle Company, Blueberry Hill, Daniel Feinberg Real Estate Co., Dean Porter-ReMax, Front Door, Joe Keaveny for Senate, Jump Company, Kingsbury Animal Hospital, Laura McCarthy Real Estate Co., Luvy Duvy’s, Lyda Krewson, National Sales Company, Pulaski Bank, Quiet Village Landscaping Co., Rachel and  Matt Boxdorfer, Restoration St. Louis, Star Image Studios Photography, The Times of Skinker DeBaliviere. We appreciate your continued support of the neighborhood!

How Can You Get Tickets??
Tickets can be bought by contacting the SDCC Office (314-862-5122) –OR– by contacting any of the Homecoming Committee Members (Mark Banaszak, Beth Bender, Matt Boxdorfer, Rachel Boxdorfer, Bill Braun, Mary Braun, Andy Cross, Linda Cross, Shauna Cunningham, Rachel Ebeling, Beth Hogan, Joe Hogan, Dan Hudspeth, Monique Hudspeth, Jamie Kenyon, Cristina McGroarty, Sean McGroarty, Mary Pat O’Gorman, Michael Noble, Katrina Stierholz, Kristina Stierholz, Jon Tiede, Lynn Tiede, or Albert Webster).

How Can You Contribute??

  • Come to Homecoming! Everyone is invited to Homecoming and welcome to bring guests. Tickets are for sale at the SDCC Office for $40/person. Just call 862-5122.
  • Be a Sponsor!  Contact the SDCC Office to find out how you can sponsor and have your name or your company’s name included in all promotional materials.
  • Donate an Auction Item! Donate an item or gift certificate from your business, a gift basket from your family or block, or other creative items to the Homecoming silent auction –OR– ask a business if they are willing to donate.