May 12th: Electronics Recycling Fair & Plant Exchange Day

Saturday, May 12th, 10am-4pm
[Lucier Park (entrance on Westminster next to Hamilton School)]

Begin collecting your old electronics, appliances and spent batteries for Skinker DeBaliviere’s 2nd Annual Electronics Recycling Fair. We will again be partnering with WITS – a non-profit that hires and trains at risk individuals, puts 78% of the products that they collect back in service, and utilizes zero landfill practices for the remaining 22%.  Check out WITS website here. Plant Exchange Day will also be in the park at the same time–Brightside flowers, wood chips, seed packets will be available for tree lawns & block leaders. Drop off your plants and/or pick up free plants.

Suggested items for recycling include: computers, monitors, other computer hardware including cables, office/business equipment and machinery, telecommunications equipment including phones and clocks, televisions, VCR’s, stereos, cameras, other audio/video equipment, data storage devices including CD’s, VHS tapes and computer software, home electronics, blenders, toasters, irons, washing machines and dryers, dishwashers, furnaces, hot water heaters, home medical equipment, industrial machinery, lawn mowers, tillers, tools, air conditioners, refrigerators, humidifiers, old motors, transformers, electrical equipment, power supplies, car batteries, household batteries and printer cartridges.

Unacceptable items for recycling include: tires, wood furniture, other wood products, paint and paint cans, household and industrial chemicals.

WITS appreciates donations for: computer monitors, laptops and televisions. Large appliances and all Freon-containing devices have a $5 required fee.

WITS is a not-for-profit, community agency in the greater St. Louis region, all donations of reusable items are tax-deductible and will be refurbished when possible and given to a charitable program such as Kids for Kancer, Free Computer Program or Veteran Technology.


Planting Day 2012

The 16th Annual Skinker DeBaliviere Plant Exchange will be on Saturday, May 12th from 10:00am to Noon.

– Lucier Park, 5800 Westminster (next to Hamilton Elementary School) –

  • This is our neighborhood planting day. Operation Brightside flowers will be available to block leaders who placed orders and for planting in parks/public spaces.
  • Wood chips will be available for public planting areas, e.g. tree lawns.
  • This is also a chance to drop off plants that are crowding your garden -OR- pick up some free plants that your neighbors had to thin out. (You don’t have to make a trade; you can donate or receive plants.)
  • Grass seed packets for small bare spots in lawns will be available.
  • Sign up to help us keep the flowers at Four Corners watered through the summer!

 All neighbors are invited to join us throughout the day in

Lucier Park to help put plants in the new park planters!