May 11: Plant Exchange Day

Saturday, May 11, 10am-12noon
[Greg Freeman Park at Kingsbury Ave. at Des Peres Ave.]


The 16th Annual Skinker DeBaliviere Plant Exchange Day will be held at the same time as our Electronics Recycling Fair. This is our neighborhood planting day.

  • Operation Brightside flowers will be available to block leaders who place orders and for planting in parks/public spaces.
  • Wood chips will be available for public planting area, e.g. tree lawns.
  • Grass seed packets for small bare spots in lawns will be available.
  • This is also a chance to drop off plants that are crowding your garden – OR – pick up some free plants that your neighbors had to thin out. (You don’t have to make a trade; you can donate and/or receive plants.)
  • Sign up to help us keep the flowers at Four Corners watered through the summer!