June 1: Breakfast Garden Tour

Saturday, June 1, 8:30am – 12noon
[Start at McPherson Community Garden. Ticket details below.]

Breakfast Garden Tour

Enjoy a fine continental breakfast in the McPherson Community Garden, take a morning stroll to tour private gardens in your fair neighborhood, meet your neighbors, and discover hidden treasures. Really what could be a better way to spend your Saturday morning!

The event begins at 8:30am in the McPherson Community Garden (McPherson at Des Peres Ave.), and private gardens are open 9am-12noon.

To order advance tickets:

At SDCC Office (cash or check)

  • Adult: $10
  • Child 10-15 yrs: $5
  • Children under 10: free

To reserve tickets for pickup at the SDCC office, email Liz Pund at liz.pund@skinker-debaliviere.com or call 314-862-5122.

Online via Paypal (price includes credit card processing)

  • Adult ($11 each): Small Buy Now Button
  • Child 10-15 yrs ($5.50 each): Small Buy Now Button
  • Children under 10: free

Day-of Tickets
$12 Adult, $5 Child 10-15 years, Children under 10: free.

If you have any questions or would like more information, email Liz Pund at liz.pund@skinker-debaliviere.com or call 314-862-5122.