June 15: Tai Chi in Greg Freeman Park

Saturday, June 15th, 9-10am
[Greg Freeman Park next to 6008 Kingsbury Ave. at Des Peres Ave.]


Tai Chi is practiced for health, relaxation, stress reduction, and for other health benefits like breathing, balance, and anxiety relief. Sifu Herb Parran will lead a class that is very good for beginners and will consist of some meditation, Chinese health exercises, breathing exercises (called Chi Gong), and some simple Tai Chi movements that don’t require memory or prior experience. It is recommended to dress comfortably for the weather and bring a bottle of water.

You can learn more about Sifu Herb and Tai Chi on his website.

*In the event of rain, the class will be held indoors at the same at the SDCC Office, 6008 Kingsbury Ave.