September 13: Rock The Block: A Skinker DeBaliviere Better Block Project


Saturday September 13, Noon – 4:00PM

Des Peres Avenue between Delmar Blvd. and Greg Freeman Park at Four Corners (Kingsbury Ave)


Get Ready to ROCK THE BLOCK!!!

On Saturday September 13th, an exciting and transformational event will take place along Des Peres Avenue called, “Rock The Block: A Skinker DeBaliviere Better Block Project”. SDCC is bringing neighborhood residents & friends together to re-imagine part of our beloved neighborhood for this unique large-scale street event. Using very little money, zero permanent infrastructure and lots of community support we will demonstrate what is possible in our neighborhood, with the goal of creating lasting change.

What is the Better Block Project?betterblockdenver

The Better Block Project is a community development effort that will demonstrate, for one day, what Des Peres Ave could become with select amenities in place. These ideas are based on the community’s Urban Design & Development Plan. During the Better Block Project, Skinker DeBaliviere residents will be putting up temporary installations that transform a portion of Des Peres Avenue (from the Wabash Station on Delmar Blvd to Greg Freeman Park at Kingsbury Ave) into the vibrant, walkable & bikable space that the neighborhood wants it to become. This program is sponsored by the St. Louis Community Development Administration and HUD. We are one of four communities in the City of St. Louis selected to participate this year.

This is a nation-wide program that started in Dallas. To learn more about the Better Block Project, visit their site here. Watch this TEDx talk by Better Block co-founder Jason Roberts:

Better Block Activities

Do you love dogs? Are you a bike enthusiast? Or do you just love the neighborhood? If you said “yes”, then check out these cool activities that will be showcased during Rock The Block!  So many interesting attractions will be lining the streets. Check out the lineup below:

  • Historic Wabash Train Station
  • 2nd Annual State Fair
  • Dog Park
  • Restaurant
  • Library & Book Donation
  • Bike Path
  • Beer Garden
  • Live Music
  • Children’s Art Project
  • Interactive Street Art
  • Pop-Up Residential Area

Come Rock The Block with Us!

If this sounds like fun or if you want to learn more, please get in touch with us! Contact Kelcy at (314) 862-5122 or For more information on this event, please visit our event page.

The funding of this project is financed wholly through a grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Community Development Administration under the provision of Title I of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 (Pub L, 93-383 42 USC 5301 et seq.) and/or HOME Title II of the National Affordable Housing Act of 1990, as amended (Public Law 101-625).