2015 Halloween Party Costume Contest Winners

2015 Halloween Skinker DeBal Winners Photo
Adults in photo: Dan Hudspeth (on far left) and Art Santen (on far right)

Contest winners pictured from left to right:

Michaela J. (grade 2)  –  Monster High
Mia F. (grade 7)  –  Kitty
Pasha N. (kindergarten)  –  Zombie
Jonathan T. (kindergarten)  –  Allied Waste Truck
Izzy T. (grade 2)  –  Lego
August E. (pre-k)  –  Fighter Pilot
Wil R. (grade 1)  –  Captain Phasma (Star Wars)
Gertie McG. (kindergarten)  –  Fairy
Robert B. (grade 5)  –  “Oh” alien boy from “Home” (3D animated film)
Kaylynn B. (kindergarten)  –  “Tip” human girl from “Home”
Chloe K. (grade 2) (not pictured)

Skinker DeBaliviere Community Council and Rosedale Neighborhood Association cosponsored the 47th Annual Halloween Costume Party at St. Roch School gym, 6040 Waterman Ave., St. Louis, MO, held Sat. Oct. 31, 2015 from 6 to 7pm. The Costume Contest started at 5:45pm and was hosted by Art Santen. Art founded the Halloween Party in 1968 and has been hosting it annually for 47 years! Dan Hudspeth, Rosedale President and SDCC Board Member, awarded prize money and candy. Andy Cross, local artist, created original hand drawn 1st Place Winners Awards. Live Entertainment was provided by Bob Kramer’s Marionettes with Bob Kramer, Dug Feltch, and Ryan Marshall. It was a fantastic performance! Remember to arrive early next year to be included in the costume contest. Thank you to everyone who volunteered and the entertainers as well as over 100 kids who showed up for the fun!