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About two years ago, the Skinker DeBaliviere Community Council (SDCC) formed an ad-hoc committee to explore ways to raise extra funds to support neighborhood needs. That committee identified a Special Business District (SBD) as one of the strongest funding opportunities. A short time later, SDCC recruited residents to serve on a SBD Funding Committee. These volunteers are conducting an independent, unbiased review of the strengths and weaknesses of a Special Business District.

As part of the process, the committee will hold a public meeting(s) to share what it has learned with neighbors, answer questions, and solicit feedback.

On Feb. 13, 2016 this exploratory committee completed its charge to the SDCC Board of Directors by issuing a report, survey findings and recommendations for next steps. Please stay tuned for further updates from the SDCC Board of Directors. 


Public Comments, Open Sept 17 – November 1th (Deadline Extended)

Two-Minute Neighborhood Survey (Closed)

(Please take after you’ve read all the material on this page)


Public Forum Presentations

September 27, 2016 – Public Forum #1


Presentation To the SDCC Board of Directors

2016 Findings & Recommendations – Feb 13, 2017 (New)

Findings – Raw Data File (New) zip file, excel spreadsheet


Background Information

What Is A Special Business District?

Frequently Asked Questions 

New FAQ Sheet – Dec 15, 2016 (New)

Is My Property Already A Part of a Special Business District? (New)

Boundaries of Proposed Special Business District

Steps to Create a Special Business District


What Are Other Communities Doing?

Special Business Districts In City Limits

Central West End South Special Business District

Local Successes & Critiques of Special Business Districts (New)


Financial Information

SBD Tax Revenue Projections

SBD Tax Revenue Projections – Non-Resident Owned Properties (New)

Calculating Your Potential SBD Property Tax


Committee Communications

Meeting Minutes – March – November (Updated)

Committee Members (New)