April 29: Blitz Day


Saturday April 29, 9:00am-Noon
Your Block & Alley

Please join us as we clean up our alleys, streets, and vacant lots to help make St. Louis a cleaner and safer city. Here is the process:

  • All debris must be put in the dumpsters or bagged.
  • Bulk items should be placed at least 4 feet from the dumpsters.
  • Bulk waste pickup will happen on Monday.
  • Place leaves, sticks, and grasses in the green “Yard Waste Only” dumpsters. (Do NOT include plastic bags.)

If you notice the alley behind your neighbor’s yard needs cleaning, you might offer them a hand and get (re)acquainted.

A representative from each block can stop by the SDCC office, Saturday morning from 9am to 10am, and pick up a free roll of garbage bags on Blitz Day. Contact your block leaders for more information.