Shine A Light Campaign

In conjunction with the city-wide Porch Light Project , the Skinker DeBaliviere Shine A Light Campaign aims to increase safety in Skinker DeBaliviere by asking neighbors to turn lights on around their property in the evening.

Call to Action – Starting May 20, 2017

  1. Turn on your porch light
  2. Install lights near garages, back doors, property lines and/or gangways
  3. Report broken street lights


  • SENIORS/DISABLED/LOW-INCOME NEIGHBORS: If you cannot afford to purchase hard-wired lighting, you can buy a solar-powered motion detector light from SDCC for only $5. ($20 value). Available starting in May. Volunteers may be available for installation. Information: (314) 862-5122 These are not for front porches.
  • FREE ENERGY EFFICIENT BULBS: If you or a neighbor needs a new energy efficient bulb for your porch light, call (314) 282-7281. The light bulb and the replacement is free of charge to participants.

How Lighting Could Reduce Crime

  1. Improved lighting deters potential offenders by increasing the risk that they will be seen or recognized when committing crimes.
  2. Police become more visible, thus leading to a decision to desist from crime.
  3. If improved lighting leads to the arrest and imprisonment of repeat offenders they can no longer commit crimes in the area.
  4. New lighting can encourage residents to spend more time on their stoops or in their front yards in the evenings and thus increase informal surveillance.
  5. Improved lighting can encourage more people to walk at night, which would increase informal surveillance.