The Skinker DeBaliviere Community Council was established in 1966. Delmar Baptist Church, (now New Cote Brilliante Church of God), Grace Methodist, St. Roch Church, and Washington University, along with neighborhood associations – Rosedale Neighbors and Washington Heights – came together to improve the neighborhood.

The Council assists in the ongoing improvement of the neighborhood, working with City of St. Louis, neighbors and the Aldermen to keep a finger on the pulse of the neighborhood and to identify, assess, and resolve immediate concerns.  The council continues to serve as a forum where neighbors raise concerns, forge solutions, and address problems.

Skinker DeBaliviere has a history that is as deeply rooted in the St. Louis legend as the 1904 World’s Fair, an event that spurred the rapid development of the institutions and homes in the area. Today, the neighborhood continues to be one of the most vital and livable neighborhoods in the metropolitan area, due in part to the dedication of it’s residents and institutions.

A major attraction for homeowners is the great diversity of housing in Skinker DeBaliviere. Ranging from historic single-family homes on quiet private and public streets, to newly constructed town homes in Kingsbury Square, to gracious two-family flats and apartment buildings, the neighborhood offers a wide selection of housing options. Nearly all homes include spacious rooms, and most are ornamented with the exquisitely detailed millwork, art glass and fireplace mantles of the early 20th century style. This traditional architectural beauty, along with a gracious yet thoroughly modern lifestyle, has not only kept many families happily anchored in the neighborhood for generations, but has resulted in the return of several second and third generation Skinker DeBaliviere families who had previously moved away.

The neighborhood was designated a Local Historic District by the City of St. Louis in 1978, and the private subdivision of Parkview is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.