Ordinance Section 5

Restoration and New Development Plan

The Skinker-DeBaliviere – Catlin Tract – Parkview Historic District map shows a general plan for restoration and suggested new development within the Historic District. Intended as a guideline for orderly development, the plan divides the district into several areas of concern, proposing planning suggestions for each;

I. The residential areas.

II. The four major thoroughfares which are partly used for commercial purposes. In addition, specific parcels of land have been identified for new development.

I. The Residential Areas

A. Traffic: No new commercial development shall be permitted which would use adjacent residential streets for access.

B. Parking: Off-street parking must be behind the building line except on the Catlin Tract. Rear alley access in parking areas should be encouraged, especially for multi-family dwelling units. New curb cuts are not desirable and must be approved by the Landmarks and Urban Design Commission.

C. Landscaping: Tree lawns must be maintained and street tree plantings are encouraged at 35′ intervals on all streets.

D. Zoning: No zoning changes may be made without prior notification of the Alderman who is encouraged to inform the Historic District Review Committee and the relevant active neighborhood organization. Rezoning to increase density should be prohibited.

E. Density: Whenever possible, dwelling units originally intended for lower density occupancy should be restored to that density.

F. Preservation: The preservation , restoration or rehabilitation of all historic structures is encouraged and shall be guided by the use, construction, and restoration standards for the district.

II. The Major Thoroughfares

Delmar Boulevard, Skinker Boulevard, Forest Park Parkway, and, to a lesser degree, Des Peres Avenue are major thoroughfares which pass through the Historic District. Suggestions follow for each of these major thoroughfares, presented with the intention of preserving the Historic District as a neighborhood. It is understood that all proposed traffic changes should be considered with reference to the findings of Phase III of the Central Corridor Traffic Study, which boundaries are Delmar on the north, I-44 on the south, City Limits on the west, and Kingshighway on the east.

A. Delmar Boulevard:

1. Traffic: Develop eastern portion of Delmar (from downtown business district westward) as a major east-west thoroughfare, with through traffic to the northwest reaching Skinker by way of a new Des Peres/ Rosedale Feeder (Skinker-Linker).

2. Landscaping and Street Changes: Develop local business street and angle parking on south side of Delmar (within the 6100 block only) by constructing a traffic island in Delmar north of the sidewalk line. This street would be one way east. The traffic island would be wide enough to contain street trees at 35′ intervals and thus generate the feeling of a local shopping center free of through traffic which would pass to the north of the island.

3. Zoning: Rezone the south side of Delmar to “F” – Local Business (from “G” – Commercial) between Des Peres Avenue and the City Limits.

4. Restoration: Restore the Delmar Station of the Norfolk and Western Railroad for possible commercial use. Restore the pierced brick wall (to its terminus) which runs from the Delmar Station northwest on the Hodiamont side of the railroad right-of-way.

B. Des Peres Avenue:

1. It is the desire of the residents of the Skinker-DeBaliviere area that Des Peres should not be widened.

2. Traffic: No additional business, residential development or street changes which would increase traffic are permitted. Des Peres from Delmar south to Lindell should be posted as prohibiting commercial traffic.

3. Landscaping: Add street trees from Lindell north to Delmar at 35′ intervals. Street trees at 35′ intervals along the proposed Des Peres/ Rosedale Feeder would be more attractive to motorists, energy-saving for industries which desire them in front of their plants or offices.

4. Zoning: Rezone all commercial zoned property on Des Peres south of Delmar except within the commercial-design buildings at the Kingsbury and the Pershing Intersections to Residential zoning.

C. Forest Park Parkway:

1. Delineate the southern boundary of Forest Park with a chain link fence which matches that meeting the northern boundary; paint both dark green, or black.

2. Maintain the tree lawn on the divider strip and replace any missing trees or shrubs. Plant new trees on any possible areas of the divider strip to develop a more attractive section of the Parkway.

D. Skinker Boulevard:

1. It is the desire of the residents of the Skinker-DeBaliviere area that Skinker Boulevard should not be widened.

2. Traffic: No additional industry, business, residential development or street changes (other than those proposed herein) which would increase traffic on Skinker are permitted. A self-tripping traffic light should be installed at the Washington Avenue intersection; left turn light into Waterman from southbound lane.

3. Landscaping: Tree lawns should be established from Lindell Boulevard to Delmar Boulevard and street trees planted at 35′ intervals.

4. Zoning: Neighborhood business is the preferred commercial use on Skinker, south of Delmar. Possible solutions include:

a. Rezone Skinker to existing use.

b. Consider use of existing service station properties for neighborhood parking (Skinker apartment buildings and/or churches; neighborhood business.

Approved: September 22, 1973