Community Workshop Resource Materials

Materials from 3/27 City of St. Louis Home Inspection Workshop:

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City of STL Building Permit Information Guide

City of STL Door to Door Home Inspection Program

Code Enforcement Returns to Skinker DeBaliviere

In late spring or summer, the City of St. Louis’ Building Division will carry out comprehensive code enforcement in Skinker DeBaliviere. All residential properties in the 28th ward will be inspected.  None of the homes in the 26th ward will be included in this year’s inspections.  The inspections cover the exterior of the houses and the home owner is responsible for any repairs that may be needed. Inspections cover: tuckpointing, exterior paint, fences, windows, walkways, etc. Residents who receive a violation notice can call the Buildings Division and receive an extension. If work is not performed in the agreed-upon period, fines are levied. SDCC held a workshop on this topic in late March with a presentation by a Building Division supervisor. The office has more information about this periodic code enforcement. Call 862-5122 for information.

 Materials from 4/24 Delmar Loop Retail Study Presentation:

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Action Plan for the Delmar Loop Area Retail Plan Development Strategy 2011

Materials from 5/3 Home and Personal Safety Awareness Workshop:

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Consumer Guide to Purchasing a Burglar Alarm System

Minimum Home Security-The 3 Hs

NNWI Inventory of Household Items Engraved with Driver’s License Number