Strategic Plan

Skinker DeBaliviere Community Council

Strategic Plan Update

Goals for 2012


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Statement of Organizational Values

The SDCC operates based on the following core principles which provide a framework for decision-making, leadership and action:

  • Service to and promotion of the neighborhood
  • Inclusiveness and diversity
  • Partnership and collaboration
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Respect and integrity

Vision and Mission Statement

The vision of the Skinker DeBaliviere Community Council is to be the connector, coordinator and facilitator of all aspects necessary to maintain and enhance the diverse, desirable and thriving community of Skinker DeBaliviere.

The mission of the Skinker DeBaliviere Community Council is to serve and promote the community and advocate on behalf of the residents to enhance their quality of life.

Goals and Strategies for 2012

SDCC has six primary goals to guide the work of the Board of Directors which should be reviewed annually and revised as needed. The strategies noted in each of the six goals are recommended for implementation in 2012  and progress for each should be reviewed regularly.


Goal 1.

Preserve and improve the physical condition of the community, particularly housing, by being proactive as it relates to neighborhood planning, implementing both residential and commercial improvements. Strategies to achieve this goal include:

  • Establish a formal, collaborative and transparent relationship with SDCHC
  •  to cause development and redevelopment that is in the best interest of the Skinker DeBaliviere community (SDCC and SDCHC).
  • Begin a comprehensive master planning process for the continued improvement and development of the community.
  • Advance commercial development that serves the needs of the residents by continuing  to support the Delmar Commercial Committee and by creating a work group to consider the creation of a DeBaliviere Commercial Committee in collaboration with the DeBaliviere Place Neighborhood Association and other stakeholders.
  • Whenever possible, connect with adjacent neighborhoods to work collaboratively on these issues (above).
  • Fulfill CDA development objectives

Goal 2.

Position, promote, and market the Skinker DeBaliviere neighborhood as a desirable community in which to live and work. Strategies to achieve this goal include:

  • Complete a marketing plan, which should include web site improvements, use of other technology and other communication tools to advance marketing priorities and then execute the plan once approved.
  • Develop regular and consistent communication.

Goal 3.

Create opportunities for all neighbors to know one another and advance neighborhood cohesion.

Strategies to achieve this goal include:

  • Develop a robust, diverse, and inclusive volunteer base and new leaders that reflects the composition of the neighborhood
  • Continue to improve communications systems, including block leaders, email, newsletters
  • Organize diverse and inclusive annual events..
  •  Promote the role and identity of SDCC as a diverse and inclusive organization to residents and stakeholders.

Goal 4.

Create a safer neighborhood. Strategies to achieve this goal include:

  • Educate residents about issues related to individual, household and neighborhood safety and security.
  • Connect with adjacent neighborhoods to work collaboratively on these issues (above).

Goal 5.

Actively engage partners to collectively advance the goals and activities of SDCC.  Strategies to achieve this goal include:

  • Promote the role and identity of SDCC with partners.
  • Develop regular and consistent communication with partners.
  • Clarify and restate the communication and liaison responsibilities of the Board members representing member institutions.

Goal 6.

Update governance, policies and procedures to ensure fiscal and performance accountability to the community and funding institutions. Strategies to achieve this goal include:

  • Revise Bylaws and evaluate sufficiency of policies and procedures..
  •  Adopt new committee structure, roles and – and responsibilities to achieve the goals of the SDCC.
  • Clarify the roles and responsibilities of the Directors of the Board.
  • Clarify boundaries within SDCC service area in which SDCC will actively work.

Measuring Progress for 2011

Progress for each goal noted below should be reviewed regularly.

  • Goal 1:  Formalized SDCC/SDCHC working relationship is adopted by the Board of Directors.   Advance a strategy for housing development, redevelopment and improvement within its service area .   Fulfill CDA objectives.
  • Goal 2: Adopt  and implement a marketing plan
  • Goal 3: Create a comprehensive calendar of diverse and inclusive events and neighborhood involvement activities; continue to develop a robust, diverse, and inclusive volunteer data base; communicate regularly with volunteers and SDCC residents.
  • Goal 4:  Increase neighborhood security awareness through communications and educational programs.
  • Goal 5: There is regular and consistent communication to stakeholders about the work of the Council; stakeholders are actively engaged in the life of the community.
  • Goal 6: SDCC operates within approved budget; Bylaws have been reviewed and revised; SDCC committee structure is reviewed and revised as necessary; roles and responsibilities of Board members is documented.