See Committee Descriptions below. Go here to fill out form if you’d like to join one or need more information: SDCC Committees

Standing Committees Reporting to SDCC Board of Directors

Community Development – Nicole Blumner, chair
Community Development Standing Committee shall be responsible for maintaining and planning the neighborhood’s residential and commercial areas in accordance with the Skinker DeBaliviere Master Plan, adopted by the Board on October 13, 2014, as may be amended; and shall review proposed residential, commercial and public infrastructure development and redevelopment proposals to determine the proposal’s compliance with the Master Plan. Further, the committee shall be responsible for periodic review of the Skinker DeBaliviere Master Plan, and recommend updates and revisions to the Board. Find out more in the by-laws. (Meeting Schedule: As required)

Historic District Review – Nancy Hohmann, chair
Historic District Review Standing Committee (HDR Committee) shall be responsible for ensuring the preservation of the historic character of the neighborhood through various means. Find out more in the by-laws. (Meeting Schedule: As required)

Security Committee – Mark Gorman, chair
Security Standing Committee shall be responsible for increasing neighborhood security awareness through meetings, communications, alerts and educational programming. The Committee shall serve as liaison with SLMPD 5th District, University City Police, Washington University Police, Bi-State/Metro Police, the Central West End Neighborhood Security Initiative and the Neighborhood Stabilization Team. Find out more in the by-laws. (Meeting Schedule: 1st Tuesday, 5:30 PM)

Delmar Commercials District – Vacant, chair
Delmar Commercial Standing Committee shall be responsible for monitoring development in the Delmar Commercial Area to ensure compliance with the “Delmar Link” Redevelopment Plan, adopted by City of St. Louis Ordinance 63183, approved April 26, 1994 as may be amended. Find out more in the by-laws. (Meeting Schedule: As required)

Residential Zoning & Occupancy – Linda Cross, chair
It is working with neighbors and stakeholders to prepare a report on zoning issues, overcrowding and the increased footprint of renters in Skinker DeBaliviere, assess how the City of St. Louis enforces housing and historic ordinances in the neighborhood, educate landlords and investors and advance dialogue around housing issues. (Meeting Schedule: Twice a month, until further notice – contact for notices)

Committees Reporting to Executive Director

Summer Concert Committee – Andy Cross, chair
Assist in planning, implementing and funding the neighborhood’s annual summer concert series, which usually consisted of 3-4 concerts. (Meeting Schedule: As required)

SkinkerD Taste Committee – Rotates every 1-2 years, co-chairs
Assist in planning, implementing and funding of annual Homecoming, one of the neighborhood’s largest gatherings and fundraisers. (Meeting Schedule: As required)

Fundraising & Marketing Committee – Board Chair 
Contact Brandon Sterling –
Fundraising & Marketing Committee shall be responsible for: identifying new sources for funding for SDCC; annual fundraising events and programs; coordinating the scheduling of special events and fundraisers; and developing marketing strategies and communications to effectively position and promote Skinker DeBaliviere throughout the Greater St. Louis Area.