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Relationship to the Community Council

The Skinker DeBaliviere Community Housing Corporation is a sister organization to the Skinker DeBaliviere Community Council, focusing on the property development and management.


To be the buyer and developer of necessity; empowering strong development and homeownership, with the goal of improving the character, heritage and quality of the Skinker DeBaliviere neighborhood and community.

Purpose Statement

Founded in 1988, the Skinker DeBaliviere Community Housing Corporation is a non-profit organized for “combating community deterioration and improving the quality of life by promoting and undertaking neighborhood improvement and housing development activities within service areas defined by the Board of Directors.”

History of Housing Corporation (1998-2016)

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2016 Landmarks Association of St. Louis “Most Enhanced Property” 
Phoenix Project, 5859 DeGiverville
In partnership with Eric Trudo and St. Louis Design Alliance

5859 DeGiverville Before and After

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After a fire gutted the home at 5859 DeGiverville in the Skinker-Debaliviere neighborhood in 2006, the building sat vacant and open to the elements for more than six years before St. Louis city firefighter and part time rehabber Eric Trudo stepped up to the plate. While Mr. Trudo had worked on components of other rehabs in the past, this building was to be his first complete project.

This rehab is a great example of how  the Skinker DeBaliviere Community Housing Corporation (which had worked for years to find a buyer and also provided construction financing) and a dedicated resident can work together to make a real difference.

The building was described by the Times of Skinker DeBaliviere as literally the “biggest eyesore in the neighborhood” and now it is beautifully restored.

Of course it didn’t happen overnight. After the interior and exterior walls were re-pointed, burned walls and floor joists replaced and the stairs completely rebuilt from the basement to the third floor, the rehab was ready to begin!

This home could easily have become a vacant lot without the tenacity, skill and neighborhood pride of Mr. Trudo, Gary Boenke and the Skinker-DeBaliviere Community Housing Corporation, and the St. Louis Design Alliance who served as project architect.